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I love interior design, everything about creating a space brings me joy.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart as most like to refer to it as.

My favorite cookie is the classic chocolate chip Chips Ahoy... or maybe its the Keebler ELF honestly I can't pick just one

I was the photographer for the book written by Liz Marie Glavan "Cozy White Cottage". You gotta go get yourself a copy ;)

I have a serious binge watching issue. I get so hooked and feel lost whenever I'm done binging something. (its what gets me through long nights of editing) 

some interesting facts 


my family. my supporters. my loves. 


what use to be a dream.

I have been doing photography now for 5 years. My daughter was my inspiration to start. What use to just be a dream has become my full time gig. over the 5 years of shooting I have come to learn and grow so much. I spend most my time shooting couples, weddings and families. I absolutely shoot more than just that so please just reach out so we can chat about what you may be looking for.

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